The 8-ball team and the 9-ball team with the most points earned on the given night of play in each format in the entire League area will receive the BIG DAWG AWARDThe Big Dawg award is based on a team's total points earned during the session compared to all other teams that participate in the same format on the same night of play.  There must be at least 8 teams in that format on that night of play for teams to be eligible for The Big Dawg award.  So the team winning Big Dawg is not only the top team in their division, but the top team on their night of play. In the event that two or more teams are tied for Big Dawg on a given night, both/all teams tied will receive the award. 


Each team earning the BIG DAWG AWARD will receive a plaque for each member on the team and one for the Host Location. The team will gain an automatic bid to our World Pool Qualifiers in June, without needing to participate in the session Playoffs or Tri-Cups. Teams will also win FREE weeks of play depending on the number of teams that play on that night in the given format. Big Dawg must remain in the top 50% of their division each session following when they qualified or they are subject to lose their eligibility into the World Pool Qualifier.


Number of Teams in that Format on the Same Night of Play!

Number of Free Weeks of Play Big Dawg Winners will Receive!

8 to 15 Teams

3 Weeks of Free Play

16 to 30 Teams

4 Weeks of Free Play

31 or More

5 Weeks of Free Play