New 8-Ball

3 Point Scoring System


APA is excited to announce its introduction of a new 3-Point Scoring System for 8-Ball. Leagues around the country have been test marketing this new system, and the response from the players and League Operators alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

 All APA, CPA, and JPA League will convert to the 3-Point System no later than Spring Session 2014.

Similar to 9-Ball scoring, the 3-Point Scoring System is based on performance points, so it’s possible for a team to win only two matches and win the overall point total. Instead of marking W or L in the W-L column nest to the score, you’ll mark the appropriate point split (3-0, 2-1, or 2-0). All 8 Ball rules apply; there are just a few changes in the scoring.

 We believe this system will result in closer match scores and help reduce sanding by making every game within a match important.



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